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  • The HONEYMOONFOREVER A-Z of Weddings

    Welcome to the HONEYMOONFOREVER A-Z of weddings.


    A is for… Accessories

    From shoes, to garters, from veils to bow ties there are so many finishing touches to be considered not just your look but your spouses and wedding party’s too. Go check out our complete guide to wedding accessories here.

    B is for… Boutonnières

    A boutonnièreis a floral decoration, typically a single flower or bud, worn on the lapel of a tuxedo or suit jacket. 

    On your wedding day, boutonnièresand corsages allow you to recognise the important people in your life. You might be wondering who should get a boutonnièreor corsage. It's up to you who you'd like to recognise at your wedding, but many brides and grooms choose to give these special floral accents to their parents and grandparents. The groomsmen traditionally wear boutonnieres as well, and we think it’s adorable to create a mini version for your ring bearer. Any other friends and family involved in the ceremony, such as officiants, readers and musicians, may also be honoured with this special touch.

    Your florist will be able to create gorgeous designs that match the style of your wedding décor while also giving extra recognition to the ones you love. 

    C is for… Cake

    Cake designers are getting more and more creative and there are so many styles and types to choose from that choosing the perfect wedding cake is becoming quite the bamboozling process. But here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we can help you find the cake of your dreams. 

    Here’s a few key tips and handy hints to get you started…

    Typically, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests so you'll likely need five layers for 200 guests or more. You can give the illusion of a larger cake by increasing the cake's height with columns between the tiers. 

    Be realistic about your budget it’s important that you discuss budget at the beginning of the design process with your baker/cake designer to avoid any misunderstandings and don't feel pressurised into ordering a cake that is beyond your budget. Tiers, handmade sugar flowers, moulded shapes and metallic finishes all add significantly to the price, so if you are trying to keep the cost low it is best to avoid or minimise these. You could consider decorating with fresh flowers or fruit for a less expensive but equally beautiful finish.

    Don't feel you have to settle for the traditional fruitcake, there are literally hundreds of flavours to choose from these days.  Coffee, white chocolate and nut flavours have recently become popular as have citrus and fruit flavours. It makes most sense to stick to flavours that match the season of the wedding - light, dainty flavours for a spring or summer wedding and rich, heavy cakes for an autumn and winter wedding. If you're having different tiers you could have different flavours in each tier.

    No matter what style of cake you choose, make sure it gets the credit it deserves by displaying it properly. Make sure there is a designated cake table that gives the best presentation possible. For a single tier cake in particular - borrow, rent or invest in a great cake stand to show the cake off to best advantage. Even the plainest cake can be brought to life with a beautiful cake topper. 

    D is for… Dietary requirements

    Dietary requirements can cover everything from allergies to lifestyle choices, pregnancy and religious reasons. Regardless of whether you are having a small or lavish wedding, there are guaranteed to be varying dietary requirements – these need to be made clear to you and in turn to your caterer. Naturally, dietary requirements include allergies, as opposed to preferences, so here are the best ways for phrasing this to your guests (these are usually placed on the RSVP card). 

    Please advise on any dietary requirements below


    We will be serving (dish), please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.


    Dietary requirements:

    In order to avoid having too many options for your caterers to create on the day, once you have all your RSVPs in it’s worth discussing with your caterer options that are ‘safe’ for everyone. 


    E is for… Entertainment

    From ceremony music to evening party your wedding entertainment ideas should reflect your own wedding style. Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we are expects at sourcing all kinds of wedding entertainment from the traditional and classic choices to the absolutely extraordinary. 

    F is for… Flowers

    Your wedding flowers will play an important part in the look of your big day. Whether you choose to just have a bouquet and buttonholes or to decorate your entire venue, your wedding flowers will be a huge part of setting the tone and theme for the day. Tight compact bunches of flowers, such as peonies and roses, fit a classic vibe. Lush arrangements of soft, big blooms will take on a romantic note. Sleek architectural minimalist arrangements are more modern and loose clusters of flowers mixed with greenery have a rustic feel.

    But where do you start with choosing your wedding flowers? Do you go fresh or silk? What’s in season? What flower works together? What can you get for your budget? Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we love advising couples on how to choose the flowers that best fit their personal style, venue and importantly, their budget. We can recommend wonderful florists to suit all styles, locations and budgets. 

    Our number one tip? Choose flowers that are in season on your wedding date. Seasonal flowers look better, are of better quality and are cheaper. That bride favourite, the peony, is in season in the UK from mid-May to early July: peonies are perfect for an English summer wedding but you’d have to ship them in from abroad at other times of year at high expense and at less than peak bloom. One of our favourite things to do with couples once they’ve set their date is to visit a local flower market and spend some time browsing all the flowers on offer. It’s best to visit around a year before your wedding date as then you'll see the same flowers that'll be in season for that time next year and might even be introduced to blooms you've never seen before. 

    G is for… Gifts

    It’s in many couples nature that we find it difficult to ask for anything, thinking we might look too presumptuous. But most wedding guests wouldn’t dream of attending a wedding without having purchased a gift, so we highly recommend having a gift list so they know what to buy.

    We can create a beautiful online registry for you and take all the stress away from what should be a super fun part of your wedding prep. Whether you would like a traditional wedding list where guests can purchase gifts of your choice, a honeymoon registry where guests can buy you amazing honeymoon experiences or even a charity gift list where guests can make contributions in your name to a charity of your choice - we can do it all. We know all the best gift list providers and can advise on the most up to date costings and which service best fits your particular needs. We can design your list for you and even add items for you if you wish.

    With such a wide variety of gift list options available we can create a list that's a true reflection of your personalities and style, choosing gorgeous gifts from all of your favourite shops or asking guests to make a contribution to big ticket items such as the perfect honeymoon or a deposit for your first home. As long as it’s personal, important to you and helps set you on your way then guests are usually more than happy to help.

    And whilst we’re talking about gifts don’t forget that you might want to recognise members of your wedding party with a little token of your appreciation. If you're struggling for inspiration with what to get those guests who had a big part to play in your wedding day, then we are always on hand with plenty of ideas.

    H is for… Hotel

    Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we are hotel experts so whether your venue is a hotel or you need to find somewhere else to lay your head on your wedding night the hotel you choose for your wedding night plays a big part in the overall experience of your special day. Of course a comfortable bed, luxurious amenities and top-notch service are important but there are countless other details to consider which can end up having a bigger impact on your wedding day than you might expect. We take everything into consideration so you don’t have to. 

     Mr And Mrs Smith Honeymoons

    I is for… In-laws

    Every family is unique and whilst many of us (myself included) are lucky enough to have wonderful in-laws this unfortunately isn’t always the case. The future in-laws are a very important part of your partner’s past and present, and will become an important part of your future, so it is best to try and handle any problems or conflict of ideas or personalities with as much composure and grace as you can. A common theme is in-laws (or indeed your own parents) expecting to have control over certain aspects of your day; from adding extra guests to expecting you to wear an heirloom dress, these sorts of conflicts can make your wedding planning extremely stressful. Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we are always on hand to help you negotiate even the trickiest of in-laws. One of our top tips for handling unwanted input is to make your in-laws feel included by designating them certain jobs that are easy to carry out so they will feel like they are making their own decisions about things (when really all they are doing is ticking things off the list for you). They will probably be so caught up in their job, they will not have enough time to criticise or comment on other aspects of your wedding planning.


    J is for… Jewellery

    You may not realise this, but some metals look better with certain dress colours. As a general rule, ivory is best paired with gold since it highlights the creamy tint of the fabric. For a pure white dress, choose accents in silver or platinum or with pearl detailing—gold may clash with brighter white hues. You can have your pick with a diamond-white gown—this barely off-white colour looks amazing with yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls. If the dress you chose is already embellished with beadwork, let that dictate the colours of your accessories. For example, if your gown has gold beading, pick a necklace, bracelet or earrings with a gold base. However, also consider matching your metals to your engagement ring and wedding band. Whilst mixing metals may work for some brides depending on your own unique style as a general rule matching your metals will create a more cohesive look. 

    Go check out our complete guide to wedding accessories here for more in depth advice about choosing your wedding jewellery.

    Monica Vinader

    K is for… Kids

    Dreams of a glamourous, adults only affair in a ballroom or a raucous wedding weekend in a chaletcan be thwarted by family expectations. However, this is yourwedding and your choice so do what suits you and your partner.

    If you decide not to have children at your wedding let friends and family know well in advance so that they can arrange a baby-sitter. Hopefully they’ll look forward to a ‘night off’ celebrating your nuptials with you! But also prepare yourselves that some guests may decline if their children aren’t included.

    Either way, it’s important to be clear on the save the date and/or invitation whether children are actually invited or not. First of all, when addressing your wedding stationery be very specific – is it simply Mr & Mrs Baker or The Baker Family that you’re inviting?  On the invite itself a simple ‘children welcome’ or ‘no children under the age of 10 please’ (or whatever your cut off age is) should suffice. But you could also include a little message popped inside the envelopes with something along the lines of:

    As much as we love your little ones, our wedding/wedding venue won’t be suitable for children under 10 and there are no crèche facilities onsite so we kindly request that you leave them at home with a babysitter.

    If you do decide to include children in your wedding then we are full of ideas for everything from how to keep children entertained and happy, to the cutest flower girl and ring bearer ensembles and how to navigate the dreaded children’s table dilemma and child friendly food and drink. If you are having a lot of young children at your wedding, you might want to consider hiring crèche facilities run by qualified nannies who can supervise the children throughout the day or during specific parts of the day. Let us help you make your day fun for adults and kids alike Remember, children can be a LOT of fun at weddings (especially busting their cute little moves on the dancefloor!)

    L is for… Lighting

    When it comes to wedding design, wedding lighting is undoubtedly one of the most underrated elements. So, we’re here to remind you just how important lighting really is! It sets the overall mood for your wedding and allows you to show off all the pretty details you’ve spent months thinking about. Plus, you’ll want your guests to be able to properly enjoy their food and the dance floor, and you’ll want your photos to be exquisite. You can’t do any of those things with poor or insufficient lighting! If you’re not sure where to start, don’t know what to ask a lighting designer, or just need some inspiration to fit your wedding style, then get in touch.


    M is for… Make Up

    While some brides prefer to do their own make-up, the majority will rely on a wedding make-up artist for their big day. But with so many out there, there’s almost too much choice and it can be hard to navigate the sea of make-up artists to find the perfect one to suit your taste and what you have in mind for your big day. (Plus, they’ve got to know what they’re doing.) We love matching brides to make-up artists and can also recommend the best products and pre-wedding day beauty routines to help you look your absolute best on your big day. 

    Liberty London

    N is for… Nails

    We always recommend gel nails for your wedding day as it won't chip or smudge like a lacquer manicure might. It will also last up to 2 weeks (or even longer in our experience) which means you'll have perfect nails for your wedding day and honeymoon too! It’s also means you can make your wedding day morning a little less hectic by getting your nails done a couple of days before. For brides who want more length but who have weak and brittle nails that break easily we advise using a nail strengthener or a hardener in advance of the big day. When it comes to colour and length it’s really down to what you’re comfortable with and your own unique taste; you don't want to go and get incredibly long extensions the day before if you're not used to them as you'll feel clumsy and awkward... and you certainly don't want to rip your dress! For most brides we recommend aiming for medium-length almond-shaped nails, which look elegant and elongate the fingers. Choose a colour that complements your overall look. Neutral, nude or blush tones on a bride always look clean and elegant and they do not distract from your bouquet or ring but some brides choose a bolder look and that’s amazing too!


    O is for… Order of Service

    Your wedding invites aren’t the only bit of wedding stationery you’ll need for your big day, and just by getting a little organised you could save money by ordering these all in one go – including your place cards, menus and wedding order of service.

    The order of service is the one that confuses a lot of couples; you might not even be sure what one is and if you need an order of service for your wedding day. Simply put, the order of service is a booklet containing a step-by-step outline of how the wedding ceremony will run. It helps your guests know how long the wedding will last and when they need to join in for hymns etc, but there are lots of other things it can include.

    Our stationary design service can help you save a lot of money on these wedding essentials. We can guide your design choices and recommend suppliers and design choices which fit with your vision or indeed we can design a bespoke stationary suite that's unique to you and your wedding. One of the great benefits of choosing this route is that you can tailor your package to exactly the items you want and need. (Sometimes suites available from major retailers won't include every item you want i.e. they might not have save the dates or menu cards available in the same design.) There is also the choice to choose our print at home option which can save you a lot of money compared to buying ready made designs. We can also design your wedding website with RSVP facility which is another great money saver. For more information on our design services please get in touch.   


    P is for… Photos

    Your wedding photos are the memories that you’ll treasure forever, long after the day itself has passed you’ll be able to look back on your big day so finding a the right photographer (and videographer) is so important. It could be one of the hardest decisions you make in the whole wedding planning process. It could certainly be one of the most expensive. There are hundreds of wedding photographers out there so how on earth do you pick the right one for you? That’s where we are here to help. It really comes down to four important factors; style, personality, experience and budget. All of which we’ll guide you through step by step. We’ll contact photographers on your behalf to check availability and get the latest costings for you, saving you valuable time in the wedding planning process. We pride ourselves on matching clients with the right photographers so that no matter your style you’ll have wedding photos you’ll treasure forever.

    We also recommend thinking of other fun ways to gather photos from your big day aside from your professional photos. From hashtags and apps to Polaroids and disposable cameras we can help you arrange all of this. It’s a great way of getting to see all your guests photos and gives you a more immediate chance to relive your wedding day whilst you wait for your professional photos to arrive.


    Q is for… Quality

    This sentiment pretty much goes for every aspect of your wedding. Of course, some things are more important than others but as a general rule investing in quality will make your day that much more special. For most clients you won’t have the budget to have the best of the best of everything so it’s about prioritising where is most important for you to spend your money; for foodies having exquisite cuisine is a must, for music lovers the best bands and DJs, and for travel lovers you might want to allocate more money for your honeymoon. Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we can help you prioritise how to make the most of your budget. Regardless of your unique set of priorities we will only match you with quality suppliers.

    R is for… Rings

    Ceremonies differ, vows are often unique, but the tradition of the wedding band has survived through the ages and is a traditional symbol of eternal love in many cultures and religions. These days the traditional simple gold wedding band isn’t the only choice as wedding rings comein many different designs, widths, weights, shapes and sizes, the trick is choosing the one stunning enough for you to adore for a life time. And that comes down to your personal choice. Here at Honeymoon Forever we make it our mission to help you find the best wedding rings possible.

    Go check out our complete guide to wedding accessories here for more in depth advice about choosing your wedding jewellery.


    S is for… Seating Plan

    For anything larger than a small, informal reception, a wedding seating plan is likely to make a significant difference to the success of your reception. A wedding seating plan will almost certainly help things run more smoothly.

    Guests are saved from the mad panic of trying to find a seat on a table with their friends/family, and you can place people where they'll be happiest! The wedding meal may last for 2-3 hours and is a significant part of the day. If your guests are sitting with people they get along with, it will make a big difference to their enjoyment of the day.

    Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we can design your seating plan for you in a style that reflects your unique theme, we can even help you come up with your table names.


    T is for… Timetable

    The key to a wedding reception timeline that runs smoothly is planning ahead. Breaking down your entire wedding day timeline helps you stay organised and on-track when the day arrives. The more detailed you can make the plan, the better. Every wedding is unique and here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we are experts in effective and realistic planning that doesn’t leave you feeling rushed. (So many brides and grooms underestimate the time it takes to get ready on your big day and forget to allow a bit of time for guests to get stuck in traffic etc.) Let us take that stress away from you! We also love to create personalised wedding day timelines to display on your big day so your guests know what is happening and when. 


    U is for… Unique

    Every couple is unique and that’s why our services are totally bespoke. We always aim to make every aspect of your wedding a true reflection of who you are as a couple. We love incorporating personals quirks, interest and style into your big day. It’s not for every couple but we love it when couples embrace the uniqueness of their wedding party too, for instance letting the bridesmaids choose their own outfits within your colour scheme is a lovely way to let their individual personalities and style shine through. 


    V is for… Venue

    Finding the perfect wedding venue is likely to be at the top of any newly engaged couple's list. With the venue playing a vital role in the success of your day, it’s the big decision you really need to get right. And there really is so much choice! 

    Just like viewing a new property it is easy to become overexcited and fall in love with a place without checking the venue can cater to your requirements. The venue you pick will determine the number of guests you can invite, your decor, your vendors, your wedding date and have a big impact on your wedding budget, so it's important to get it right!

    Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we pride ourselves on matching couples with their perfect venue. We provide all couples with our 40 point checklist which covers everything you might forget to ask when viewing a venue. And we especially love touring venues with our clients.


    W is for… Wine

    Unless you’re having a dry wedding chances are you’ll be serving wine at some point during your day. We adore working with couples and their caterers to choose the perfect wines. Choosing the perfect wine for your reception is influenced heavily by your personal taste. So while you may think the season or menu always informs what’s in your glass, we’re happy to report that whether you love reds, whites or rosés, all three are always in style. We can help with everything from temperature and menu pairings to the much-debated question of how many bottles to buy. Our top tip? You should always choose varietals you and your fiancé enjoy, since wine can actually say something about you—even better if it's part of your love story. (And there’s a good chance you’ll have a few bottles left over to enjoy after your big day!)


    X is for… Xtra… 

    Having a little extra everything is always a good idea on your big day, from spare invitations and other stationary to a little more wine then you might need, we think it’s better safe than sorry. Our number one thing to have extra of? A spare shirt for your groom – so he can still look sharp after dinner if he gets over-excited with the red wine!

    Y is for… You & Your Spouse

    A lot of couples feel a lot of pressure to do their big day a certain way, whether that comes from family, friends or even just society/the wedding industry it can become overwhelming and make your wedding planning experience less than enjoyable. Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we always like to remind couples that ultimately this day is just about you and your spouse, as long as you both are happy and married at the end of the day then the day was a success. We believe that wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience and that’s why we love to step in and take that stress away from you, it’s also why we offer a completely bespoke service, tailored to exactly the help you need and want on your big day. Not every couple needs or wants everything we can offer and that’s totally fine. So whether you want to plan an intimate elopement or a grand elaborate wedding we are here to make yourdreams come true. 


    Z is for… Zzzz

    Sleep is so under-rated! For your appearance and for your mental wellbeing try to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep in the run up to your wedding. This can be easier said than done but we can recommend all the best remedies to help you get your beauty sleep from lavender pillow sprays to ASMR videos we know all the best insomnia cures!

    Hope you enjoyed our A-Z of weddings!

    XOXO Sarah

    Photography by Igor Demba Marcos Sanchez

  • Our complete list of essential wedding accessories for the bride, groom and wedding party (helpful checklist!)

    This post contains some affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Please click here for further details on affiliate marketing. (Not all links are affiliate links.)

    Organising your wedding can seem like a never ended to do list with countless items you need to purchase and prepare. Your wedding accessories are a chance to add those special and unique details to your look, but can often be overlooked during the planning process. In order to ensure you take care of the smallest details read on and use this as a handy checklist. Here at Honeymoon Forever we will help you keep track of all the details that make your big day truly yours. 

    For the bride



    Here at Honeymoon Forever we are obsessed with wedding shoes. They can be one of the first things you buy because you know your feet won’t change size, however far in advance you are planning your wedding. Ivory/white is a fabulous option but also consider blue (for your “something blue”) as something more unique. It’s important to think about where your day will be and to buy appropriate shoes. It’s no use buying stilettos for a beach wedding! Also try to find shoes that you won’t want to take off after 5 minutes. If you aren’t used to wearing heels then don’t choose the highest pair available, any definitely practice walking in them around the house before the big day. We love Irregular Choice’s quirky range of shoes, especially the bridal range. The rounded toe shape makes for a more comfortable shoe which still has so much wow factor!

    Shoes by Irregular Choice

    Alternative flat shoes

    Unless you are an expert heel wearer then we recommend buying a back up pair of comfortable flat shoes for when your feet get sore but you want to carry on dancing with your guests. Something as simple as a pair of white flip flops can definitely work but we highly recommend Toms as they are so comfy. 


    It is so important to pick the right underwear. From bras to bustiers, shapewear to stockings, if you want to look your absolute best then what goes under the dress is just as important as the gown itself. Of course you should buy your gown first as you cannot guarantee what style of underwear will suit the dress you finally choose. There are so many choices of wedding lingerie; from plunge styles to retro long-line bras, you can find something to work with the style and material of every dress. Finding the perfect bra depends on the size and shape of the woman, the dress and of course your preferences. For a backless dress you’ll want to look for a backless corset or basque or maybe a multiway or strapless bra. One of the most popular designs would be a balcony bra, as most have detachable straps and are very comfortable. In terms of colour most brides aim to match their dress’s colour if it’s white or ivory but depending on the material of your dress, a bright white could actually be quite visible so cream shades are more suitable if you’d rather avoid practical but less glamorous nude. Some brides might not even need a bra. It depends on your size and the dress you’re wearing. For example, a fitted boned bodice will give more support. However if you have a larger bust you will need some support. Definitely bring your lingerie to the fittings, unless your dress has a fitted corset or basque in which case you will only need the pants. Dress fitters can also look at sewing your lingerie into the dress, especially for tricky necklines, so you don't have to worry about flashing your bra as you say your vows!

    Wedding rings

    Ceremonies differ, vows are often unique, but the tradition of the wedding band has survived through the ages and is a traditional symbol of eternal love in many cultures and religions. These days the traditional simple gold wedding band isn’t the only choice as wedding rings come in many different designs, widths, weights, shapes and sizes, the trick is choosing the one stunning enough for you to adore for a life time. And that comes down to your personal choice. Here at Honeymoon Forever we make it our mission to help you find the best wedding rings possible.

    Choosing the metal for your wedding ring is a good place to start. There are numerous metals available, all with different properties and styles that make some more suitable than others. After you’ve decided on the metal, you need to consider if this new wedding ring will complement your engagement ring.

    Both rings will be worn side by side for the rest of your life, so it’s important that they sit well together. (You may also decide to wear your wedding band without your engagement ring if your profession requires or you prefer a simpler look.) You may have never considered the profile of the ring before, but you’ll begin to see subtle differences once you compare the styles side by side. You may decide to choose a shaped wedding ring, often referred to as a curved or fitted wedding ring. These come in a range of designs including a delicate curve, a pronounced Z-shape or a cut-out in the ring. Even if you don’t need it to be shaped, consider the ring profile – you’ll be able to choose from court shape (rounded on the inside and out), flat profiles (completely rectangular), D-shape (flat on the inside, round on the outside) and more.

    Aside from metal and shape you may want to consider other details such as adding stones or engravings to your band. If you can’t find bands you both love from a reputable quality high street jewellers such as Goldsmiths who have a beautiful range of engagement rings, wedding bands and other wedding jewellery (and at the time of going to print have an amazing sale on with up to 50% off), you might also consider having your rings made bespoke. This isn’t also as expensive as it may sound. We had our wedding bands custom made by Coo who allowed us to make part payment towards the cost of our rings with unwanted gold jewellery, our families kindly donated some broken and unwanted pieces which made a huge difference. Many jewellers will accept this so do ask when looking for your rings. If you’re in or near London taking a trip to Hatton Garden will be well worth it. Set up a few appointments to get some quotes and go from there.


    Engagement ring by Goldsmiths

    Middle finger ring by Astley Clarke stocked at Liberty - Shop now for up to 40% off

    Wedding bands by Coo

    Wedding ring box by Clouds and Currents


    Bridal jewellery

    Sure, your wedding dress may be the star of the show, but the right accessories will elevate your look and add a personal touch (or three). You may not realise this, but some metals look better with certain dress colours. As a general rule, ivory is best paired with gold since it highlights the creamy tint of the fabric. For a pure white dress, choose accents in silver or platinum or with pearl detailing—gold may clash with brighter white hues. You can have your pick with a diamond-white gown—this barely off-white colour looks amazing with yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls. If the dress you chose is already embellished with beadwork, let that dictate the colours of your accessories. For example, if your gown has gold beading, pick a necklace, bracelet or earrings with a gold base. However, also consider matching your metals to your engagement ring and wedding band. Whilst mixing metals may work for some brides depending on your own unique style as a general rule matching your metals will create a more cohesive look. Accessories add a unique touch to your look—which we love—but one too many can be downright distracting. Before you start buying, take an inventory of your gown's standout features and then base your choices around them. If your dress has an ornate neckline, opt for a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace (that might look too busy). For a gown with a simpler style, try a bold statement necklace. When it comes to earrings, take a cue from your hairstyle. If you're leaving your hair down and over your ears, small studs or drops will do. But for an updo, you might want something a little more dramatic, like a pair of chandelier danglers. It's always a good idea to avoid designs that closely mimic the embellishments on your gown—you don't want to look too matchy-matchy. Although it's a special day, don't stray too far from your normal style. If you rarely wear jewels, there's no need to drown yourself in diamonds on your wedding day. The goal is to look and feel like the best, most beautiful version of your regular self. 

    Bracelet by Monica Vinader

    Siren fine chain bracelet by Monica Vinader

    Here at Honeymoon Forever we are obsessed with the delicate style of Monica Vinader, who's pieces are perfect for layering, they have a beautiful range of rose gold pieces and even a modern mens range (recently seen on Gareth Southgate) and they currently have an amazing sale on. 

    Get an extra 10% off sale items using code MVSALE

    Monica VinaderAlso stocked at Liberty - Shop now for up to 40% off

    Liberty London


    The veil is the iconic bridal accessory. From flirty birdcages to regal cathedral-length styles, there's no shortage of options. But there are a few things you should keep in mind as you narrow down the type of veil you plan to wear. First of all, you'll want your veil to match the exact shade of your gown (colour blocking is better left to your day-to-day look). And be mindful when choosing a style—if your dress has a lot going on, stick with something simple that won't steal the spotlight. If showing off the back of your dress is a must—say, you have gorgeous embroidery or beading—choose a sheer veil rather than one with two layers of tulle. Lastly, Consider your body type: Longer waltz or floor-length veils will elongate a petite frame while mid-length styles, like fingertip or elbow-length veils, can visually cut you in half, making them a better pick for taller brides. Short styles, like a birdcage or bandeau, work for all shapes and sizes and lend a fun, retro vibe to your gown.

    I wanted a veil without gathered fabric at the top which was very hard to find but I eventually discovered the ‘Barely There Skylar veil’ from Britten which was exactly what I wanted.


    Headpiece/hair accessories

    Are veils not really your thing? Or does your veil style allow for a little something extra? From hair combs to fascinators, there are plenty of other ways to top off your look. Choose your hairstyle before you pick your accessory, since some types will look better with updos than others. A flower crown, for example, is best with loose locks. You should also consider your hair type—dainty accessories may be perfect for fine hair, but won't be as noticeable in thick waves. Most importantly, make sure whatever you pick feels secure while you're moving around. 

    As I had chosen such a minimalistic veil (which I knew would be taken off at some point and only ever be visible from the back) I wanted to add a little sparkle to the front too and so I choose the ‘India’ hair vine by Debbie Carlisle in rose gold (to match the rest of my jewellery). It was really hard to choose which hairpiece I wanted once I found Debbie's site as she creates so many beautiful designs but I was so happy with my choice as it didn’t feel too over the top for me (as someone who doesn't wear much jewellery in my daily life) but it really lifted the appearance of my dark hair and gave me a little sparkle in my otherwise quite minimalistic look.

    India hairvine by Debbie Carlisle


    A stylish cover-up is a must if you're getting married during the cooler months or at a house of worship that requires you to cover your shoulders (and your dress doesn’t). From boleros to capelets and fur stoles, the options are endless. (Bonus points: It makes for an easy transition look between your ceremony and reception.) The key is to choose one that strikes the perfect balance with your gown. Simple, understated styles can be paired with more embellished cover-ups, like a beaded capelet with scalloped edges or a bold sequined or feather bolero for added personality. For already ornate gowns, try a more minimal accent to avoid looking too over the top. A delicate lace jacket, sheer tulle cape or a chiffon wrap will keep you warm without competing with your gown. Another option? A classic cardigan, the perfect complement to a rustic or more laid-back affair. If you need to venture outside between locations or for photos then it’s a good idea to have something on hand. 



    A bridal garter is likely the only piece of lingerie you’ll ever have removed by your husband and then flung gleefully into a rapt crowd. Whether this wedding garter tradition makes you laugh or cringe, it’s still going strong. And even brides that don’t embrace the garter toss sometimes wear a garter nonetheless as a sexy addition for their wedding night. Consider your dress before you decide whether or not to wear a garter, if it will create an unsightly bulge underneath a fitted gown then it’s probably not worth it but if you do decide to go for a garter then it can be a great way to incorporate your “something blue”. For beautiful handmade garters crafted in the UK check out The Wedding Garter Company.  



    A bridal handbag is usually an after thought or even non existent as bridesmaids or mother of the bride are given the responsibility of carrying those essentials. But depending on the details of your day (perhaps you’re eloping just the two of you or are moving around multiple locations and need to have your lippie on hand) it might make sense for you to have your own bag and there’s no reason why it can’t be a statement piece in itself. There is a style out there to suit everyone.



    Looking for a super-simple way to add a bit of personality to your wedding dress (and help create the illusion of curves)? Add a belt or sash. Just because your dress doesn't come with one, doesn't mean it won't look great—a fashionable fastener is an easy way to customize your gown and change its look without having to make expensive alterations. And whether you go with a classic satin sash or metallic leather belt, it will give your dress an instant upgrade. The key to choosing the right waist-cincher is to find one that works with your body type. Thin belts are best suited to short torsos, while wider belts work well with longer ones. If you're an apple shape, think about a beaded or heavily embellished belt to flatter your midsection. If you're petite, a belt with V-shape appliqué will elongate your body. As a general rule, stick with a style that's no more than three-inches wide—you don't want to overpower the rest of your gown. This won’t be for all brides (I actually ended up ditching the belt which came with my dress as I preferred a simpler look with clean lines) but it’s something to consider depending on your dress style and body type.

    For the groom



    Of course every groom is unique and has their own unique style but in most instances you will want to be looking for a leather lace up shoe. Black is a safe choice for most suit colours. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a suit, tuxedo or morning dress, if your formalwear is dark in colour (excluding navy) then black shoes are a good choice. For navy or blue suits, a medium-to-dark brown should be worn. This shoe also suits a more casual outfit, like chinos, a shirt and braces. Other colour varieties are also available if you’re working this casual look, from burgundies to deep greens. Just because something is traditional, it doesn’t mean you have to do it! If you're not the type of groom to dress up then why not pair your outfit with a box fresh pair of your favourite trainers. It’s not unheard of for a groom to wear Converse or Vans on big day and if that's your style then embrace it! 

    There are actually an impressive variety of shoe styles out there. While these aren’t your only options, these are the most common – and best looking – types of wedding shoe.

    Oxford: Also known as the Balmoral, this shoe features closed lacing and is the most formal of all lace-up shoes. It’s a truly classic style that is most recommended by experts for a groom. 

    Loafer: ‘Loafer’ is actually an umbrella term for an assortment of slip-on shoes. While many variations of the loafer aren’t suitable for a formal occasion, you can find a few elegant styles that can really work with your wedding outfit.

    Derby: This shoe is similar to the Oxford, but features a closed lace that creates two flaps wrapping around the shoe’s tongue. Not suitable for formalwear, but would suit a more casual look if that’s the theme of your wedding.

    Make sure you give your shoes a good polish for the wedding, especially if you’re wearing an old pair. Trust us, dusty shoes really will ruin your entire ‘Bond’ look. If you do shine your shoes, make sure there’s no polish residue left on them – we doubt your bride will be happy if you tar her dress with black polish after you kiss her at the alter. If you’ve invested in a brand new pair, before the wedding, be sure to wear your shoes around the house for a few days after you buy them – this way you’ll soften and break them in, which means less chance of sore feet and blisters on your big day. Also remember to scuff the soles a little so you don’t slip. Also keep in mind that if you’re kneeling at the altar, the entire crowd will be able to see the soles of your wedding shoes, so make sure you’ve remembered to remove labels and price tags. 

    Shoes by Bertie at John Lewis


    No gents it’s not cool to just sling on any old pair of pants on your big day! Your bride has probably made an effort with her lingerie so you should take pride in your undercrackers for your wedding day/night. With the proper comfort, fit and support, the right undergarment makes a man feel stylish from the inside out. First of all, it’s ultimately about comfort because boxers that ride up your thigh all night will be a P in A when you’re trying to break it down on the dance floor. Give your wedding briefs or a similar pair from the same brand a test run before the big day to ensure maximum comfort. And don’t forget to practice your dance moves in them too. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. Your new bride will be pleased to see you put in a little extra effort for your wedding night if you have a new pair of boxer briefs on underneath your suit. You don’t have to stray from your usual style or do anything wild but new and clean is a very good start! 

    And don’t forget socks, we suggest picking a pair of socks that pop or have some flare. That way, when you’re wearing a solid suit the socks show off a hint of your creativity and personality. Bonus points if your socks match your jocks (or at least coordinate nicely).


    Socks from Liberty - Shop now for up to 40% off

    Liberty London

    Tie/Bowtie & pocket square

    In the last couple of years groom’s suit trends have evolved from the more traditional tails, to sharper suits with structured tailoring and more colour.

    As result the formal cravat is less in vogue, creating an opportunity to wear a tie that better suits your sense of style. Here are a few of the more common options:

    Bow-ties - A classic; bow ties are authoritative, commanding and straight up sexy. Try a velvet number to look suave or choose from an array of colours, textures or a fun print to suit your own unique taste.

    Black ties are usually reserved for evening receptions but can look distinguished during the day too.

    My dear hubby chose a simple grey design with matching pocket square from Mrs Bow Tie. He wanted a self tie version so he could rock the undone bowtie look when it came to late night dancing. We gifted pink striped bow ties and pocket squares to the groomsmen, each in the same shade of pink but with stripes in different directions to make them a little more unique. We went for pre-tied options for these so we didn’t stress out the groomsmen with learning to tie them on the wedding morning! These were also from Mrs Bow Tie. Check them out for a huge range of bow ties, ties and pocket squares in every colour and design imaginable! 


    Cravat - Cravats are effortlessly stylish and are great for the more sophisticated groom. Larger than ties, wearing a cravat will add a vivid splash of colour to your wedding photographs. As an added bonus, cravats are great for winter weddings as they can keep your neck warm on a chilly day!

    Tie - Ties are probably still the most popular choice for neckwear. Consider matching the colour of your tie to the bridesmaids or stand alone with your own signature shade! There are so many materials to choose from; wool, cotton, linen, knitted but if in doubt, silk is a wedding day winner. 


    Skinny Tie - Best suited to stylish grooms who know their own minds; skinny ties look fashionable and relaxed for day time ceremonies. Lithe grooms suit this style best as the skinny tie balances out their chest proportions.


    A classic watch is most certainly the order of the day, after all if there’s one day you need to be on time this is it! Timeless in design (pardon the pun), a traditional choice will accompany both a simple or complex suit with maximum impact. If you don’t already have a watch that’s suitable then this is the perfect time to invest in a timepiece that not only will finish your wedding day look perfectly but will last for many years to come. 

    The first thing to consider is your personality. You will wear this watch many times over many years so it needs to be something that speaks to your personality and own personal style. It should also make sense for your interests and lifestyle. Whether you’re an outdoorsmen or a techno-geek, your choice of watch should consider these interests, given the fact that they present different demands for timepieces. 

    There are of course endless choices on the market but do consider matching the strap to the rest of your wedding outfit, if going for a leather strap, choose a shade similar or complementary to your shoes (a black leather watch strap with brown leather shoes is not the one) or a metal that complements your wedding band (don’t choose a titanium watch if you have a yellow gold wedding band).

    Brides if your groom doesn’t already have a great watch to wear on your big day then it makes an excellent wedding day gift. A fine watch often lasts from generation to generation, so it’s well worth investing a few extra pounds to make sure your gift is as memorable as can be. Moreover, every day he wears his watch in the future, he will remember that you cared enough to put time and effort into buying him something special. Such a gesture will still be important to him long after the cake and decorations are gone.

    Watch by Triwa



    Depending on your shirt you may need or want cufflinks and if you don’t already have a suitable pair to complement your wedding day look then this is the perfect time to invest in a new pair (brides – this is also a great wedding morning gift for your hubby to be or for the groomsmen). 

    Most men will know that cufflinks ought to match a shirt, but with the plethora of options available it can be tough knowing which are the most appropriate. The first step is being aware of your closure type. Different closures affect the fitting of your shirtsleeves as well as your ensemble’s overall appearance. With so many closure types available, it would be sensible for one to assume that each closure corresponds to a different level of formality. However, with the exception of silk knot and fabric cufflinks - which are typically worn at informal events - this is generally not the case. Names such as ‘bullet back & toggle’ or ‘whale back’ simply refer to the specific way in which that cufflink is fastened and each is suitable for most occasions. The ‘bullet back & toggle,’ for instance, is the most common type as it tends to be the most secure and easy to fasten. The ‘bullet,’ or small metal cylinder, is suspended between two posts and turned ninety degrees to secure. Other types include the ‘ball return’ that provides a looser fitting than the bullet back and is simply slipped through the shirt buttonhole via its fixed backing. The chain link cufflink, which is the most traditional closure, is typically comprised of two rectangular pieces of metal suspended between a thread of chain. Each cufflink, regardless of its closure, will vary in formality depending on the material or pattern of its ornamental discs. Traditionally, cufflinks should be simply designed and not overly ornate. They are meant to accentuate your dress ensemble and add to it a sense of formality, but not overshadow it.

    Something in some way personalised is a nice touch as long as you avoid the novelty tacky route. No matter how much you love golf, golf ball cufflinks have no place on your wedding day. Keep it classy gents!

    Cufflinks from NotOnTheHighStreet

    Pocket watch

    Over the last couple of years (and possibly linked to the success of hit TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’) pocket watches have become more in vogue. There is something ridiculously cool about having a bit of chain looping between your buttonhole and pocket and it’s a great keepsake of your wedding day or way to incorporate a loved one who’s passed away. Brides this another accessory which makes a great gift. If you are looking to source a vintage pocket watch then your best bet would probably be to check out eBay or Amazon online and of course get yourself around some local car boot sales and antique fairs. There are also some websites out there selling brand new pocket watches in classic and contemporary designs, just as with wrist watches there’s a watch to suit every budget.

    My father lent my groom his vintage pocket watch for our wedding day, and even though it had stopped ticking on the morning he set it to the date and time of our wedding. 



    These days, men’s fashion has seen a distinct revival of and fascination with 20th century culture, class, and style. Think fedoras, moustaches, speakeasies, and, yep, suspenders or as we Brits call them braces. We are proponents of this sartorial revivification. Braces are classy. Braces are comfortable. Braces are what your wedding wardrobe needs. OK you don’t “need” them but if you like the style then why not?! These days, you can find everything from super skinny to excessively wide when it comes to suspender straps. For a classic look on your wedding day, choose a pair with standard measurements such as 1.25” – 1.5”. Trendy and sartorially daring widths fall in the 0.5” – 1” range. Finally, functional, heavy duty suspenders meant for hard work (or hard-core dancing) or men with heftier builds fall on or around 2”. Suspenders will look dapper with everything from the casual rustic wedding ensembles to that white tie celebration. Just be sure that the fabric of the suspenders either match or contrast the rest of your outfit. Or, if you’re wearing leather suspenders, it is a general rule that you should match these with your shoes. Also, unless your destination requires a coat or blazer, feel free to rock your suspenders sans-cover as you dance the night away. Let everyone know just how stylish you are. 

    Braces by Mrs Bow Tie.


    If you don’t fancy rocking braces then you will certainly need a good belt, after all you don’t want to lose your trousers on the biggest day of your life. The Grooms belt may seem a rather insignificant accessory for his wedding attire, but choose the wrong one and it could seriously compromise an otherwise fantastic wedding outfit. If you don’t already own a good quality leather belt then this is the time to invest in one. Make sure it matches the colour of your shoes. Choose a plain belt approx. an inch and a quarter thick with discreet stitching and without any special motif. If you are wearing a watch then try to co-ordinate the watch strap or buckle with the belt buckle i.e. brown leather shoes and brown leather watch with silver buckle = brown leather belt with plain classic silver buckle. And last but not least make sure to try it on prior to the big day to make sure it’s the right size for your waist.

    For the bridesmaids



    If you are choosing your bridesmaids shoes (personally, we let them choose their own) then you need to start early. Finding shoes to suit the different tastes, sizes and ages of bridesmaids requires a lot of planning – visit plenty of wedding shows and use online research. You will find specialist bridesmaid ranges by designer brands but you should also consider high street brands which are ideal for bridesmaids to wear again after the wedding. If you’re on a tight budget, you could search the high street for shoes in a specific colour to match your bridesmaid’s dresses but an easier – and not necessarily more expensive option – is to have the shoes dyed to match. Shoe dyeing can cost up to forty pounds per pair but if you shop for discontinued styles during September you will find plenty of price reductions on dyeable shoes making this option more affordable. Also, if you’ve opted for a ‘standard’ colour – companies like Rainbow Club offer free dyeing to ten colours – perfect if you have lots of bridesmaids but still want a luxury look!

    If you’re a bride who wants unique and different dresses for each bridesmaid, you may want to opt for individual bridesmaid shoes as well. A mix and match approach is perfect if you have many bridesmaids as it’s easier to find something to suit everyone! Source different shoe styles but in the same colour perhaps or even buy plain shoes in the same colour with heel heights to suit all and then use shoe clips to create a slightly different look for each bridesmaid. It really depends on how hands on you want to be, for our bridesmaids we gave them a colour palette and then let them choose their own outfits including shoes, but that approach isn’t for all brides and if you have specific ideas in mind then Honeymoon Forever can help you find the perfect bridesmaids shoes. 



    Many brides choose to gift their bridesmaids a piece of jewellery to wear on the day. Choosing this depends of course of the style and colour of their outfits. As with choosing your own bridal jewellery consider the neckline of the dress, how they will wear their hair and of course their own style. Choosing the same item for each bridesmaid is the most practical route and a nice way to tie them all together, especially if you have opted to mix and match the dresses. We chose simple chain necklaces with a pale pink stone for our bridesmaids but if the dresses are very simple you could choose something more bold and fun. If your bridesmaids are choosing their own accessories then it’s a good idea to give them a brief as to what kind of thing you like and dislike i.e. not to wear a statement necklace if you think it will overpower your own jewellery or not to wear a watch (it tends to look inelegant in photos and everyone can see the time on their phone these days so it’s not really necessary.) Also consider any jewellery that they won’t want to remove i.e. engagement rings and wedding bands. Ideally avoid mixing metals so if they have platinum rings don’t choose a yellow gold bracelet.


    We love the Linear friendship bracelet by Monica Vinader which comes in a variety of colours and can be engraved.

    Hair accessories

    There are countless hair accessories that can top off your bridesmaids look. We choose a simple sprig of baby’s breath tucked into the hair of each bridesmaid but from hair vines to floral crowns there is something to suit every style. As with your own style choose the bridesmaids hairstyles before you pick your accessory, since some types will look better with updos than others. (Our amazing florist made these for us and we promise to share a step by step in a future blog so you guys can recreate these.) 

    You may also want to consider:

    Ring cushion or box for ring bearer/best man

    Basket for flower girl

    Hope this is helpful guys! If you need any help finding the perfect accessories for your wedding we can help - just get in touch. This is just one of the many services we offer.

    XOXO Sarah

    Photography by Igor Demba Marcos Sanchez

  • Drinks dispenser recipes perfect for your wedding or summer party

    Hey guys!

    So today I wanted to share with you the recipes I created for our wedding last summer. We had these cocktails and soft drinks during cocktail hour as we wanted an informal vibe and to give people plenty of options. (We also had a variety of beers, ciders and soft drinks in ice buckets for people to help themselves too.) Getting everything in ourselves proved much more cost effective than having the caterers provide alcohol and it was more personalised to us. We collected jam jars and had these furnished with paper straws ready for people to use for their drinks.

    These recipes are easy to put together and taste delicious. We had so many compliments on these drinks on the day so of course we wanted to share them with you guys.

    These recipes were designed for 7 litre dispensers but you can scale up or down for different sizes.

    Hard Lemonade:

    This is great cocktail for blokes who might normally shy away from drinking “girly” cocktails. #eyeroll The bourbon gives a little warmth to the drink and the aromatic rosemary adds a subtle flavour which means this drink is actually great in autumn and winter but it totally works all year round.


    Still Lemonade – 4L (I like the cloudy real lemon variety but feel free to replace with whatever your favourite is)

    Bourbon – 1L (we used Jim Beam but again feel free to replace with your favourite variety)

    Lemon rounds – (2 lemons, cut into round slices)

    Rosemary sprigs (1/2 a pack)



    Pour 4 litres of lemonade into dispenser, add 1 litre of bourbon, lemon slices and rosemary – then stir to mix. Top with ice until dispenser almost full. Stir again. Close lid.


    A classic mojito! What’s not to love?! Some people (my hubby) like the crunch of brown sugar in their mojitos but I wouldn’t advise including this in your dispenser as it can easily clog up the tap, if you have the time rimming the glasses with brown sugar would be a great touch.


    Mint – x2 packs – stalks removed

    Limes – x20 cut into wedges

    Sugar syrup – 1L sugar syrup (Gomme) –

    Side note: this is easy enough to make but to save energy we used Monin Gomme Syrup which you can find online or in specialist drinks shops, it usually comes in 70cl bottles.

    White rum – 1.5L (we used Bacardi Carta Blanca but you can substitute with whatever your favourite white rum happens to be)

    Soda water – 3L



    Add the soda. Squeeze half of the limes into the dispenser getting out as much juice as possible then throw the remains in too. Add the mint (removing any large stalks beforehand) and stir. Add sugar syrup (gomme) and remaining limes gently squeezing each wedge so some juice is released but they don’t entirely lose their shape. Stir again. Add the rum. Stir. Top with ice until dispenser almost full and gently stir again. Close lid.

    Raspberry & rose water cooler:

    This cocktail probably went down the best of all at the wedding. It’s something a bit different to what you’d find on a standard cocktail menu and the delicate flavours come together to create a really romantic feeling drink with a delightful scent. The raspberries will sink to the bottom of the dispenser and the strawberries will float to the top, making an interesting visual display.


    Vodka – 70cl (we used Smirnoff Red Label but any vodka will work)

    Chambord – 70cl (Chambord raspberry liqueur may not be available in all supermarkets but you should be able to find it online or from specialist drinks shops)

    Juice of 4 Limes – (use juice only)

    Rose water – 100ml (you may be able to find this in supermarkets, health shops or only)

    Gomme (x4 tablespoons)

    Soda water – 4L

    Fresh Raspberries – 1 pack (alternatively you could use frozen raspberries)

    Fresh strawberries – 1 pack cut into halves

    Edible flowers – 2 small handfuls (this part is totally optional)


    Add half of the soda water (2L). Add vodka and Chambord to the dispenser. Carefully squeeze juice of limes into dispenser, try to avoid any pulp falling in. Discard remains of limes. Gently stir. Add x4 tablespoons of Gomme (sugar syrup). Stirring as you do so. Add 100ml rose water. Stir again. Add the rest of the soda water (2L), raspberries, strawberries and edible flowers. Stir gently. Top with ice until dispenser almost full and gently stir again. Close lid.

    Gin & Tonic:

    This classic does what it says on the tin! A crowd pleaser for sure. Make a big batch like this to save making endless drinks at your next party. We used Gordons for the version below with lemons but have also tried Hendricks with cucumbers instead of lemon which is very yummy. You could try Bombay Sapphire with lemon or lime or pink gin with orange slices is a great twist, we’d throw some frozen mixed berries into the pink gin version too.


    Gin  – 1L

    Tonic – 4L

    Lemon wedges (4 lemons)



    Pour 4 litres of tonic into dispenser, add 1 litre of gin. Stir. Gentle squeeze approx half of the lemon wedges into the dispenser before putting them in. Put the remaining fruit in without squeezing. Top with ice until dispenser almost full. Stir again. Close lid.

    Elderflower Fizz (soft drink):

    This is refreshing and delicious drink is a great option if you want to offer a soft drink that feels a bit more adult. It’s the perfect option for those who are pregnant, those who abstain from alcohol for whatever reason or kids who want to feel a bit more grown up. 


    Elderflower cordial – 1L (we used Blossom Cottage Elderflower Cordial but any variety will do)

    Soda water – 4L

    Strawberries 1 pack – cut into halves (optional)



    Pour 4 litres of soda water into dispenser, add 1 litre of elderflower cordial. Stir gently.  Add the strawberries. Top with ice until dispenser almost full. Stir again. Close lid.

    Cucumber water (soft drink):

    This is so cost effective but so much more interesting than just water. For an extra twist add mint.


    X1 Cucumber cut into rounds


    X5L Mineral water


    Chop one whole cucumber into rounds. Half fill dispenser with ice. Add cucumber and top with mineral water. Stir & close lid.

    Don’t forget to be the perfect hosts you should offer other drinks as well as some people just don’t like cocktails (we think they’re bonkers but that’s their choice!) an easy to solution is to fill ice buckets with a variety of beers, ciders and soft drinks.

    We hope you have fun trying out these recipes this summer!

    If you are searching for bespoke recipes for your wedding or event then get in touch as we can create bespoke recipes unique to you. Also get in touch if you are looking to hire dispensers, ice buckets or jam jars (decorated and undecorated versions available) as everything you see pictured is available to hire.

    Happy drinking!

    Photos by Igor Demba & Marcos Sanchez

    XOXO Sarah

  • How to find the cheapest flights for your summer holiday!

    Here at Honeymoon Forever we are obsessed with finding the best deals for your honeymoon or special holiday. And today we’re letting you in on one of our secret weapons for finding the best flight deals.  

    UK Skyscanner 120 x 60

    We always check Skyscanner before we book. Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, fast. Whether you want to go to Tenerife or Tokyo, they'll find low cost flights to get you there. They also find the cheapest hotels and car hire deals. When you find your flights and click to book, they link you through directly to the airline or travel agent. They never charge you commission. Nor do they add hidden fees. Skyscanner is an award winning site recommended by: The Independent, The Guardian, Which? Travel, BBC Radio 1 and more! Skyscanner has been consistently found to be comprehensive, fast, and the best way to find cheap flights.

    Skyscanner’s customer charter promises to always provide unbiased searches – never reordering their results because someone has paid them to do so. They also don’t use cookies to bump up prices or manipulate demand. The site is really intuitive to use with return, one way and multi city options, easy to use sliders to customise your search by departure time or journey duration, filters for direct flights only, individual airlines and airline groups (for example OneWorld) so you can quickly choose airline groups that you collect miles with. There’s even an option to add nearby airports to your search.

    We love Skyscanner! Check it out today to see how easy it is to use and start saving money on your flights!

  • Celebrating 1000 followers on Instagram!

    1000 followers! Thank you! To all those who have followed and helped me on my journey so far you rock! To celebrate reaching 1000 followers I am launching my first Instagram competition! This is your chance to win our complete bespoke honeymoon planning service based on your unique wishlist and budget. The prize includes destination research, hotel recommendations, flight finding service, itinerary planning and honeymoon budgeting. If you’d like to take the stress out of planning your honeymoon then this prize is perfect for you! (If you are already married and have had your honeymoon you can still enter and we will plan another holiday for you instead - you can call it #honeymoon2.)

    To enter:

    1. Follow @honeymoon_forever and @downtoearthtraveller on Instagram
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    4. Post a pic on your Instagram feed using our hashtag #honeymoonforever and @honeymoon_forever in the caption to tell me why you deserve to win
    5. Read the full Ts & Cs below and subscribe to the blog here:
    6. The deadline for completing the above steps is 31st May and I will choose the winner and notify them via DM by 7th June. 

    Terms and Conditions

    1. No purchase necessary to enter the competition.
    2. This competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 years or over.  
    3. All entries must be received by 23:59 GMT on 31 May 2018. Honeymoon Forever accepts no responsibility for any entries that are incomplete, illegible, corrupted or fail to reach Honeymoon Forever by the relevant closing date for any reason. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Entries via agents or third parties are invalid.
    4. Entrants may submit as many entries as they wish but no entrant may win more than one prize.
    5. To enter, entrants must follow the steps as detailed above.
    6. The prize for the winner is our complete Honeymoon Forever honeymoon planning service worth over £2000. It includes: destination research, honeymoon budgeting, flight finding and itinerary planning. 
    7. The Promoter’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
    8. The prizes are non-transferrable and no cash alternative will be offered.
    9. Prizes are subject to availability. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Promoter reserves the right (a) to substitute alternative prizes of equivalent or greater value and (b) in exceptional circumstances to amend or foreclose the promotion without notice. No correspondence will be entered into.
    10. The winner will be notified via Instagram DM by 7 June 2018. The winner must claim their prize within 7 days of the Promoter sending notification. If the prize is unclaimed after this time, it will lapse and the Promoter reserves the right to offer the unclaimed prize to a substitute winner selected in accordance with these rules.
    11. By entering this competition each entrant confirms that his/her entry is their wholly-owned creation and, to the extent that such entry makes use of any third party materials, that these have been fully cleared unless they are no longer protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights.  Entrants will keep the Promoter harmless from any claims in relation to their entry that the entry infringes the personal or proprietary right of any other person.  By submitting an entry, each entrant grants to the Promoter a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to edit, publish, translate, modify, adapt, make available and distribute the entry throughout the world in any media now known or hereafter invented.  Each entrant undertakes to complete any necessary documentation to formalise the licence. If you do not want to grant us these rights, please do not submit materials to us.
    12. Each entrant also confirms that anyone depicted in an entry has given their permission for the inclusion of their image in the entry and the use of the entry including their image by the entrant and the Promoter.
    13. To obtain details of the winner please email stating the name of the competition in the subject heading 4 weeks after the closing date.
    14. The Promoter will use any data submitted by entrants only for the purposes of running the competition, unless otherwise stated in the entry details. By entering this competition, all entrants consent to the use of their personal data by the Promoter for the purposes of the administration of this competition and any other purposes to which the entrant has consented.
    15. This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Instagram. You acknowledge that all information and material that you submit to enter this Promotion is submitted to the Promoter and not Instagram and you agree that Instagram shall not be liable to you in any way in respect of this Promotion.
    16. The winners agree to take part in reasonable post event publicity and to the use of their names and photographs in such publicity.
    17. These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
    18. By entering the competition each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.
    19. The Promoter is Honeymoon Forever.


  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotions at on Save the Dates and Wedding stationary

    This post contains affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Please click here for further details on affiliate marketing.

    Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we love so we were super excited to get an email from them detailing their awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions that we can share with you all.

    Based in the US but shipping internationally including to the UK for very reasonable rates Minted connects you with the best independent artists to bring you fresh, unique wedding stationary you won’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for showstopping invites that perfectly suit your unique style and needs then look no further – Minted have a range of invitation formats to suit all styles and budgets, our personal favourite format is the budget friendly All-In-One which shares wedding details and an RSVP card all in one. They truly make a stunning impression when your friends and family unfold them. We also adore the foil-pressed and letterpress invitations and with so many beautiful designs to choose from we could spend hours browsing their website.

    Get your guests excited with stunning save the dates from Minted's New 2018 Save the Date Collection, featuring unique designs by independent artists.

    25% OFF Save the Dates with code BFWED2017

    Shop Minted Weddings to bring your dream wedding to life with unique designs from a community of independent artists. From "I do" to "thank you", Minted has one-of-a-kind designs to make every wedding moment feel uniquely you.

    15% OFF Wedding orders with code BFWED2017 If you already have your invites, is still well worth a look as their range includes stunning limited art prints (a lovely Christmas present for that significant other), home décor, beautiful personalized stationery and seasonal stationery including classic and modern photo Christmas cards. They also stock a lovely range of baby and kids items including magical play tents, adorable tees, super cute nursery art, birth announcements and birthday invitations.

    Carefully curated and continually refreshed, Minted offers Limited Edition Art freshly sourced from independent artists.

    Up to 20% OFF Fine Art orders with code BF2017

    There is no better way to correspond with your friends and loved ones than a holiday card from Minted. Find the perfect holiday card for your style and budget, with luxe paper and printing across Minted's range of formats.

    Up to 20% OFF Holiday Card orders with code BF2017

    Minted offers great gifts for any budget, for everyone on your list. Check out their Art Gifts, Stationary Gifts and Home Decor Gifts, designed by independent artists.
    Up to 20% OFF Art Gift orders with code BF2017 Up to 20% OFF Home Decor Gift orders with code BF2017 Up to 20% OFF Stationery Gift orders with code BF2017 15% OFF Sitewide with code BF2017

    All of the above discounts are valid until the 30th November so head on over to now to take advantage of these great offers as trust me it will take you a while to choose your design – they are all so beautiful!

    If you don’t find what you need on then drop us a line about our bespoke design services including our print at home package.

    XOXO Sarah

  • The 20 most amazing places to minimoon in the UK (including Black Friday bargains!)

    This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Please click here for further details on affiliate marketing.

    So you love the idea of whisking yourselves away right after your wedding day to enjoy your first days as a married couple in romantic bliss… but weather wise it’s much better to take that long haul tropical adventure at another time of year… never fear you don’t just have to go straight back to work on Monday… welcome to the minimoon!

    We first heard of “minimoons” during the credit crunch, with many couples opting for a shorter break when money was particularly tight. Since then it’s exploded as a concept and there are a myriad of reasons why a couple might choose a minimoon. From delaying a longer honeymoon because of seasonal weather conditions, waiting to refill the coffers again after all that wedding spending, wanting a luxury experience with a limited budget or only being able to get a very limited time off work. There are all sorts of reasons to consider a minimoon so here we’ve rounded up some our favourite UK minimoon spots to suit all styles and budgets.

    Top 10 Self-Catering

    Choosing a self-catering minimoon option is perfect for those who want to snuggle up together and not see another soul for a few days! It’s also great for those on a budget and those with special dietary requirements. Not having to worry about getting up before the hotel breakfast finishes sounds good to us! So here, in no particular order, are 10 of our favourite minimoon self-catering spots across the UK that are perfect for a bit of post-wedding alone time.

    The Summer House Eyton on Severn near Wroxeter, Shropshire

    image copyright The Summer House/Rural Retreats

    This Grade II listed tower is a beautiful retreat with stunning views of the rolling Shropshire countryside all around. The building, now part of the Raby Estate, has been sympathetically modernised to accommodate guests in a very private and unique getaway.

    The ground floor consists of a generous living space surrounded by countryside views including a small kitchen, which is ingeniously hidden in a dresser and a modern shower room nestled under the spiral staircase. Upstairs is the bedroom with king size bed, comfy armchairs, wood burner and magical views.

    Surrounded by spectacular countryside that can all be readily explored from the Summer House we think this is the perfect romantic retreat.

    We love:

    • The king size bed
    • The spiral staircase
    • The dresser kitchen


    • Wroxeter Roman City
    • Attingham Park
    • The Wrekin
    • Shrewsbury

    Please note:

    • No children or pets permitted
    • There are low beams and uneven steps
    • Minimum 2 night stay
    • There is a pond and hidden wall in the garden (so take care in low light)



    Cedar Tree Cole Henley, Whitchurch, Hampshire

    image copyright Cedar Tree/Rural Retreats

    This compact and cosy shepherd’s hut may be small but it has everything you could wish for a romantic glamping break for two. Cedar Tree offers underfloor heating, a 4’6 double bed, a fully fitted kitchen, private patio (perfect for al fresco dining) and en-suite shower room. The hut is set in the grounds of Peak House Farm (which also provides B&B accommodation). There are beautiful gardens to enjoy, along with uninterrupted views across the North Wessex Downs.

    Situated in the small hamlet of Cole Henley in the North Wessex Downs, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Just two miles down the road is the country town of Whitchurch, famous for its Silk Mill. The train to Whitchurch from London Waterloo takes only an hour, making Cedar Tree the perfect quick getaway for Londoners. Also in the area is Watership Down, made famous by author Robert Adams with the children’s book of the same name. Keen cyclists can take on the Test Valley 30 mile circular ride that combines pretty Hampshire market towns, with chalk streams and local pubs or if a gin a tonic is more your speed the fantastic Bombay Sapphire distillery is just down the road.

    We love:

    • The cute powder blue interior
    • Access to an outdoor swimming pool (summer months only by pre-arrangement)
    • The underfloor heating


    • Whitchurch
    • Whitchurch Silk Mill
    • Highclere Castle
    • Bombay Sapphire Distillery

    Please note:

    • No children or pets permitted
    • Minimum 2 night stay
    • There are steps up to the property
    • The Rural Retreats standard welcome hamper is not provided at this property, however a few essentials such as bread, eggs and the farm's very own raw milk are.
    • Peak House Farm is a working dairy farm (one of the top producers of raw milk in Hampshire).


    The Hideaway Watergate Bay, Cornwall

    image copyright The Hideaway/Sykes Cottages

    A truly special holiday experience awaits you at this beautiful Grade II listed converted barn near Watergate Bay. The Hideaway is a stylish and luxurious couples retreat with double height open plan living and a mezzanine bedroom complete with super king bed and freestanding bathtub. With a large kitchen and plenty of space for dining you are spoilt for space in this romantic retreat. The terrace outside is the perfect spot for morning coffee or evening bubbles complete with ornamental pond, loungers and a chiminea. The property allows a maximum of two well-behaved pets for a surcharge so Mr Woofikins can come too!

    The beautiful north Cornish coast is just a short drive away offering fantastic walks, stunning scenery and some of the best surfing conditions in the UK. Adventure lovers can try out a myriad of activities at Watergate Bay including sand yachting, paragliding, kite surfing, abseiling and of course surfing. For walkers the South West Coast Path takes you through some of the country’s most dramatic coastal scenery. Foodies are spoilt for choice in this part of the world too, with Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen at Watergate, and Paul Ainsworth’s two and Rick Steins six (yes six!) restaurants in Padstow about a half hour away.

    As if you needed more convincing this property offers not only a complimentary hamper of Cornish produce but a complimentary champagne cream tea on arrival – now that’s how you start a minimoon in style!

    We love:

    • The mezzanine bedroom with super king size bed and freestanding bath
    • The complimentary goodies
    • The huge amounts of space


    • Watergate Bay
    • The Eden Project
    • Newquay
    • Padstow

    Please note:

    • Max. 2 well behaved pets allowed for a surcharge (one large or two medium dogs)
    • Minimum 2 night stay


    For 24 hours only, you can secure your 2018 and 2019 cottage holiday with just a £25 deposit. All of Sykes Cottages are included in this offer (9,500+ cottages). This offer is valid until 23:59 this Black Friday (24th November 2017).

    The Cwtch Llanilid, Pencoed, Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan

    image copyright The Cwtch/Rural Retreats

    Recently awarded 5* rating by Visit Wales, The Cwtch is a stunning, contemporary cottage surrounded by fascinating local history.

    This detached, single-storey holiday cottage sits in the owner’s grounds of some 4 acres of delightful gardens, which you are welcome to explore. It comes with its own private garden and terrace, ideal for relaxing or alfresco dining with a gas barbecue provided. This one bedroom cottage has a super-king sized sprung mattress bed for a fantastic night's sleep, with a large wet-room and open plan kitchen, dining, and sitting room with a wood burning stove, complete with an abundance of logs - perfect for a cosy night in.

    Within close proximity to a beautiful coastline and the many attractions that South Wales has to offer this is a great spot for a Welsh getaway.

    We love:

    • The super king size bed
    • The modern interior
    • The woodburner


    • Llanilid Norman Church
    • Coity Castle
    • Nash Point Lighthouse (open summer months only)
    • Dunraven Bay

    Please note:

    • No children or pets permitted
    • Minimum 3 night stay


    Kidcleugh Hide Duns, Scottish Borders

    image copyright Kidcleugh Hide/Sykes Cottages

    Kidcleugh Hide is the perfect destination for a romantic break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This studio-style apartment is set in an idyllic rural location in the Lammermuir Hills, offering total seclusion and relaxation in the Scottish Borders. Driving along the country lanes between streams and woodland you will soon feel the stress seeping away from your shoulders and as you pass through the estate’s Victorian gates you can’t fail to be impressed by their grandeur. The perfect chance to disconnect from technology and engage with each other presents itself here as there’s no mobile signal to be found.

    The open plan first floor includes bedroom, sitting and dining areas with exposed timber beams, large windows, woodburner, bespoke wooden furniture and mood lighting that all add to the sense of luxury. French doors lead out onto the decking, a perfect spot to admire the views or marvel at the thousands of stars in the night sky. Downstairs there is a shower room and kitchenette.

    If you can bear to leave this romantic retreat there is plenty of walking and cycling from the doorstep and the Northumberland coastline and Edinburgh are both an easy drive away as well as many historic houses and castle scattered around the area. This property allows one well-behaved pet.

    We love:

    • The decked balcony
    • The handcrafted wooden furniture
    • The romantic seclusion


    • Duns
    • Manderston House
    • Coldingham (dog friendly beaches and surfing)
    • Eyemouth (resident harbour seals)

    Please note:

    • No children permitted
    • One well-behaved pet welcome
    • No mobile signal at this property
    • Steps to the lawn
    • Pond in garden (pets must be supervised)
    • Check in 4pm
    • Nearest shop and pub 6 miles away
    • Minimum 2 night stay


    For 24 hours only, you can secure your 2018 and 2019 cottage holiday with just a £25 deposit. All of Sykes Cottages are included in this offer (9,500+ cottages). This offer is valid until 23:59 this Black Friday (24th November 2017).

    Toll House Nether Stowey, Somerset


    image copyright Toll House/Rural Retreats

    This 18th century former Toll House is a unique and romantic escape for history lovers. A small but enchanting hideaway, this listed building is the perfect retreat for those who want to get away from it all but still be near a little bit of civilization.

    The property is on the quiet high street in the very friendly and attractive Somerset village of Nether Stowey, which lies at the foot of the Quantock Hills, England’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The village is well supplied with three pubs, a post office, tea shop and grocery store. It is an ideal location for an outdoor break as the area is exceptional for walking, riding and the unspoilt countryside.

    The village’s poetic history is well documented, being a former home of Samuel Taylor Coleridge where he wrote the famous Kubla Kahn and The Rime of The Ancient Marina. William Wordsworth also lived just three miles away.

    We love:

    • The wood burning stove
    • The gothic windows
    • The roll top cast iron bath


    • Quantock Hills AONB
    • The Coleridge Way walking route
    • Dunster – a lovely medieval village
    • Exmoor National Park

    Please note:

    • No garden
    • No children or pets permitted
    • Minimum 2 night stay



    Rose Cottage Greyabbey, Newtownards, Co. Down

    image copyright Rose Cottage/Homeaway

    Rose Cottage is a traditional and pretty Irish cottage dating back to 1860 located on a street of stone cottages on the edge of the small historic village of Greyabbey. The village’s Cistercian abbey dating back to 1160 is set in beautiful parkland and is just across the way from the cottage, the perfect spot for walks and picnics.

    The cottage has been recently renovated and is furnished with a mixture of vintage and contemporary pieces and all modern home comforts yet still retains it’s rustic charm. It’s deceptively spacious with a large living room, master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, large kitchen with dining area and a sunny courtyard perfect for alfresco dining. It has so much charm and character that it’s been featured in a number of home and interior magazines.

    Located on the eastern shores of Strangford Lough, on the Ards Peninsula in County Down, Greyabbey has a number of historic buildings and a selection of antique and vintage shops, restaurants and coffee shops.

    We love:

    • The original beamed ceiling
    • The spacious and bright kitchen
    • The private courtyard garden


    • Greyabbey Cistercian Abbey
    • Strangford Lough
    • Mount Stewart
    • Ballywalter beach

    Please note:

    • No pets permitted
    • Minimum 2 night stay
    • There is a sofa bed here should you need extra space for a child


    If you love the look of Rose Cottage but need some extra space for kids then have a look at Lilac Cottage below.


    The Folly Norwich, Norfolk

    image copyright The Folly/Homeaway

    This recently renovated former coach house is a wonderfully relaxing retreat. The property is located just off Unthank Road, a vibrant area with excellent local shops and restaurants including an excellent butchers, bakery, greengrocers and many well regarded bistro pubs. A short walk takes you to the city centre and Chapelfield shopping Mall as well as the historical Castle, Museum, Cathedral and the main shopping high street.

    The property comprises of an entrance hall with cloakroom & WC, luxury handmade kitchen with oven, convection hob, microwave, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine/drier and all the cooking equipment you need. Open plan living and dining area with dining table and 4 chairs and corner sofa bed with wall mounted LED Flatscreen 46" TV. There is also a small desk. Double doors lead out to a lovely private patio area with a bistro table and chairs and manicured garden. On the first floor is the master bedroom with king size bed, wardrobes and ensuite shower room.

    We love:

    • The luxury bed linen and towels
    • The high quality furnishings
    • The city location


    • Norwich City Centre
    • Norwich Castle
    • The Norfolk Broads
    • Great Yarmouth Beach

    Please note:

    • No pets permitted
    • Minimum 3 night stay
    • There is a sofa bed should you need extra space for a child for an additional £10 charge and you must advise in advance
    • The stairs from the ground floor open directly into the master bedroom
    • There is no parking at this property



    The Shepherds Retreat Summerbridge near Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Dales

    image copyright The Shepherds Retreat/Sykes Cottages

    This delightful shepherd’s hut is situated within the owner’s grounds and surrounded by stunning countryside near the village of Summerbridge in the Yorkshire Dales. The tranquil setting has romance written all over it.

    The small but perfectly formed space includes an open plan living area with a compact but well-equipped kitchen, comfy sofa and TV, modern shower room and cosy bedroom. Underfloor heating and the wood-burning stove will keep you nice and toasty in the chillier months but the icing on the cake has to be the outdoor hot tub from where you can soak up those views.

    If you can tear yourselves away there are lovely walks along the nearby River Nidd or take a jaunt into Harrogate to explore antique shops and tea rooms.

    We love:

    • The hot tub
    • The views
    • The garden patio


    • The River Nidd
    • Pateley Bridge – a charming market town
    • Nidderdale Museum
    • Harrogate

    Please note:

    • No children or pets permitted
    • There are 3 steps to access the property
    • Minimum 2 night stay
    • Nearest shops and pub 2 miles


    For 24 hours only, you can secure your 2018 and 2019 cottage holiday with just a £25 deposit. All of Sykes Cottages are included in this offer (9,500+ cottages). This offer is valid until 23:59 this Black Friday (24th November 2017).


    Broomers Barn Ludlow, Shropshire

    image copyright Broomers Barn/Rural Retreats

    Broomers Barn is a beautifully appointed single storey, wooden-clad barn located in a very pretty and peaceful setting. Full length bi-fold doors open up from the living space onto a private decked area and lawns with uninterrupted views over the surrounding countryside. Situated at the south end of the village of Richard’s Castle, approximately 3 miles from the gastronomic centre of Ludlow with its castle, the property offers easy access to lovely walks, the village church, pub and the ruins of an original Norman fortress. Guests can sharpen their appetites by walking to the nearby village of Orleton (one mile away) and enjoy a meal at one of two village pubs, both offering food and local ales.

     We love:

    • The modern interior
    • The Hypnos mattress
    • The large garden


    • Ludlow
    • Berrington Hall
    • Stokesay Castle
    • Shropshire Hills AONB

    Please note:

    • No children or pets permitted
    • Minimum 2 night stay
    • The large garden has a slight slope



    Top 6 for Family Moons

    For those newlyweds that don’t want to leave the kids behind choosing a self-catering minimoon option with a little extra room is the perfect solution for a relaxing break that has maximum flexibility for life with kids. Take things at your own pace and enjoy a little kid-friendly luxury.


    The Platinum Collection by The Dream Lodge Group

    Available at Fornham Park (Suffolk), Hilton Woods (Cornwall), Norfolk Park (Norfolk) and The Sanctuary (Berkshire)

    image copyright The Dream Lodge Group

    Inspired by international 5 Star hotels, The Dream Lodge Group’s Platinum lodges combine stunning design with maximum comfort to bring you the ideal familymoon accommodation. All set in picturesque parks, in various locations across the UK these lodges are perfect if you are looking for a truly breath-taking holiday experience.

    With vast black framed glass bi-fold doors, set in wide board dense cedar, you get the feeling of being at one with the outside environment and nature, while enjoying the luxurious ‘Chalet Chic’ interior. The vast open plan living areas are furnished in a style which exudes elegance and charm, with plenty of Tibetan and Himalayan influences including art and artifacts, stone and wood clad walls, Corian work surfaces, natural stone bathroom sinks, Steam showers, Jacuzzi baths, curved TV’s, mirrored TV’s, King size beds, Samsung TV and underfloor heating.

    State-of-the-art designer furniture and open plan living spaces leave the lodges feeling bright and fashionable and each lodge is equipped with high-tech entertainment systems including a Nintendo Wii and Xbox – ideal for keeping the kids entertained when you aren’t enjoying the outdoors. If you want to relax in the outstanding natural beauty of the park then the private outdoor area, complete with a luxury hot tub, is ideal. And to top it off The Dream Lodge Group will provide you with a complimentary bottle of wine to get your holiday started.

    Platinum Collection Lodges sleep 4-6 so there’s room for all the family.

    We love:

    • The holiday extras you can book online when reserving your Dream Lodge – these range from kids essentials such as travel cots and highchairs to BBQ starter packs and luxury hampers – The Dream Lodge Group have thought of everything so you can take the hassle out of self-catering
    • The Pooch Pass – for a surcharge you can bring the family dog along too
    • The stunning design and of course the hot tub!

    Please note:

    • Minimum 3 night stay
    • Some lodges may contain bunk beds, bed layout requests must be itemised at the time of booking & is subject to availability
    • Check in is usually 4-6pm Check out is usually 10am. Early check in and late check out can be arranged when booking.

    We are thrilled to be able to offer our readers some amazing discount codes for booking online with The Dream Lodge Group this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    For 50% off on Black Friday use FRIDAY50.
    For 45% off on Cyber Monday use CYBER45


    image copyright The Dream Lodge Group

    If the Platinum Collection is out of reach for you scroll down to hear more about The Dream Lodge Group’s Signature Collection lodges.


    Nos Da Llanilid, Pencoed, Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan

    image copyright Nos Da/Rural Retreats

    Nos Da (“good night” in Welsh) is a beautifully presented contemporary cottage sleeping four in complete comfort. The open plan living space comprising kitchen, dining area and sitting room with wood burning stove, also features bi-fold doors that open out on to a private terrace and garden. Completing Nos Da is the luxurious master bedroom with 6’4 Superking bed and en-suite bathroom, a second bedroom with two 3' singles that can be configured as one 6' zip and link bed on request and separate family shower room. This detached, single-storey holiday cottage sits in the owner’s grounds of four acres of delightful gardens, which guests are welcome to explore.

    Within close proximity to a beautiful coastline and the many attractions that South Wales has to offer this is a great spot for a Welsh getaway.

    We love:

    • The master suite with super king size bed and luxurious ensuite bathroom
    • The modern open plan interior
    • The lovely garden


    • Llanilid Norman Church
    • Coity Castle
    • Nash Point Lighthouse (open summer months only)
    • Dunraven Bay

    Please note:

    • Highchair available on request
    • Six steps up to front door
    • No pets permitted
    • Minimum 3 night stay



    Lilac Tree Cottage Greyabbey, Newtownards, Co. Down

    image copyright Lilac Tree Cottage/Homeaway

    Lilac Tree Cottage is a traditional and pretty Irish cottage dating back to 1860 located on a street of stone cottages on the edge of the small historic village of Greyabbey. The village’s Cistercian abbey dating back to 1160 is set in beautiful parkland and is just across the way from the cottage, the perfect spot for walks and picnics.

    The cottage has been recently renovated and is furnished with a mixture of vintage and contemporary pieces. Quaint and cosy, the cottage has a sizeable living room, lovely country kitchen with all modern appliances and dining table, one double master bedroom and a further bedroom with single bed and pull out trundle bed, bathroom with overhead shower and pretty garden to the side and rear with views of the Abbey.

    Located on the eastern shores of Strangford Lough, on the Ards Peninsula in County Down, Greyabbey has a number of historic buildings and a selection of antique and vintage shops, restaurants and coffee shops. It is a superb location for a family holiday with a fabulous long sandy beach, play parks, aquarium, petting farms, play cafes, adventure playgrounds, canoeing, windsurfing and quad biking all within easy reach.

    We love:

    • The gorgeous decor
    • The woodburner
    • The lovely country kitchen


    • Greyabbey Cistercian Abbey
    • Strangford Lough
    • Mount Stewart
    • Ballywalter beach

    Please note:

    • No pets permitted
    • Minimum 2 night stay


    If you love the look of Lilac Cottage but don’t need the extra bedrom then have a look at Rose Cottage above.


    Wilderness Lodge Stiperstones, Shropshire

    image copyright Wilderness Lodge/Sykes Cottages

    Wilderness Lodge is a beautifully rustic wooden lodge nestled in the natural woodland at the foot of the Stiperstones Hill range in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty amidst the Shropshire Hills.

    Truly rustic throughout the second twin room makes this a great option for an adventure loving family with kids over 8. The spacious open plan living area features a woodburner, comfy sofas, kitchen and French doors opening out onto decking. The cherry on top is the exterior hot tub, which adds that little touch of luxury to your wilderness experience.

    The popular Stiperstones village pub and local shop are 10 minutes away on foot and the area is full of wonderful scenic walks and mountain bike trails. Shrewsbury is not far away as well as a plethora of pretty towns and villages or you could even venture further afield into Mid Wales.

    We love:

    • The hot tub
    • The rustic interior
    • The woodburner


    • Manstone Rock
    • East Ridge Wood mountain bike trail
    • Church Stretton
    • Shrewsbury

    Please note:

    • Children over 8 only
    • Minimum 2 night stay
    • Access to the property is via steps or a steep slope
    • Unfenced natural pond in grounds
    • Sorry no pets
    • Shop and pub 10 min walk


    For 24 hours only, you can secure your 2018 and 2019 cottage holiday with just a £25 deposit. All of Sykes Cottages are included in this offer (9,500+ cottages). This offer is valid until 23:59 this Black Friday (24th November 2017).

     Coach House (Kent) Seal, Near Sevenoaks, Kent

    image copyright Coach House/Rural Retreats

    Coach House is a recently converted detached Kent ragstone coach house set in a quiet private position with views across gardens, paddock, and farmland.

    This luxurious property has been fitted to a very high standard, in an uncluttered, contemporary style with a beautiful mix of modern and vintage pieces. The property has eco ground source heating system, giving under-floor heating throughout, 24 hours a day. The twin bedroom leads directly into the master double bedroom, the perfect layout for keeping an eye on the kids. There is a bathroom and separate shower room as well as a patio and private garden to enjoy.

    The property is situated in the hamlet of Stone Street and the beautiful area provides a perfect setting for walkers and visitors to various National Trust properties.

    We love:

    • The traditional meets modern interior
    • The nearby lavender fields
    • The beautiful setting


    • Ightham Mote (walking distance through lavender fields)
    • Knole
    • Emmetts Garden
    • Quebec House

    Please note:

    • Minimum 2 night stay
    • There is a small spring fed natural pond with moorhens in the owner’s garden, this is fenced and gated.
    • One well-behaved dog welcome. The property may accept an additional dog by prior arrangement for an additional fee.



    The Signature Collection by The Dream Lodge Group

    Available at Fornham Park (Suffolk), Norfolk Park (Norfolk), The Sanctuary (Berkshire), Blossom Hill (Devon), Woodlands Park (East Sussex), Elm Farm Country Park (Essex)

    image copyright The Dream Lodge Group

    With gorgeous, spacious living areas and beautiful, high-quality furnishings, these lodges are ideal for a stylish familymoon. Oozing sophistication, you will be impressed by the elegant interiors and bespoke feel of the Dream Lodge Group’s Signature lodges. Featuring contemporary designs, this range is ideal for those who prefer a modernised environment. Beautifully designed bedrooms and spacious bathrooms make these lodges perfect for relaxation and escaping the world. There is a wonderful attention to all the little details, with luxury toiletries and calming pillow spray provided.

    After a long day exploring, it will be a delight to return to your lodge and spend some time in your private, isolated outdoor area. Unwind in the hot tub or fire up the BBQ, these lodges offer you a true holiday hideaway.

    All lodges included in this grading offer different facilities i.e beautiful rainforest showers and Jacuzzi baths etc. If you require any of the items listed in your lodge please request them during your booking process to enable us to meet all your needs.

    Signature Collection Lodges sleep 4-6 so there’s room for all the family.

    We love:

    • The holiday extras you can book online when reserving your Dream Lodge – these range from kids essentials such as travel cots and highchairs to BBQ starter packs and luxury hampers – The Dream Lodge Group have thought of everything so you can take the hassle out of self-catering
    • The Pooch Pass – for a surcharge you can bring the family dog along too
    • The stunning design and of course the hot tub!

    Please note:

    • Minimum 3 night stay
    • Some lodges may contain bunk beds, bed layout requests must be itemised at the time of booking & is subject to availability
    • Check in is usually 4-6pm Check out is usually 10am. Early check in and late check out can be arranged when booking.

    We are thrilled to be able to offer our readers some amazing discount codes for booking online with The Dream Lodge Group this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    For 50% off on Black Friday use FRIDAY50.
    For 45% off on Cyber Monday use CYBER45



    Top 4 Hotels

    Choosing a hotel for your UK minimoon can be a huge undertaking as there are literally thousands of hotels across the British Isles to choose from. Here at HONEYMOONFOREVER we offer bespoke hotel research taking into consideration all of your personal requirements to find the hotel (or any other kind of accommodation) that is perfect for you. In the meantime, here are just a few of our favourites of whet your appetite for that gorgeous minimoon you’ve been pining after.


    Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons Great Milton, Oxfordshire

    image copyright Raymond Blanc/Belmond

    For a true taste of luxury why not minimoon at this 15th century manor tucked away in the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside. The service is impeccable and with Raymond Blanc at the helm the food is of course – outstanding (the restaurant has two Michelin stars which have been held since opening in 1984).

    Surrounded by lawns, flower borders and orchards the setting is postcard-perfect. But beyond the eye-catching displays are vegetable and herb gardens that provide the kitchen – and the acclaimed Raymond Blanc Cookery School – with fresh, organic produce.

    After a Michelin-starred feast, retire to one of the manor’s 32 individually designed rooms – each one drawing inspiration from Raymond’s travels. No matter which you pick, luxury comforts combine with imaginative décor to create the perfect hideaway.

    We love:

    • The range of décor to choose from in the rooms – there’s something to suit everyone’s personal tastes
    • The haute cuisine dining
    • The in room spa services


    • Blenheim Palace
    • Oxford
    • Chiltern Hills AONB
    • Bicester Village

    Please note:

    • Check in usually 3pm
    • Check out usually 11:30am
    • One dog is allowed for an extra charge of £20 per room per night

    Click here to compare prices for your stay at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons


    Artist Residence Cornwall Penzance, Cornwall

    image copyright Artist Residence Cornwall

    Tucked away in the old quarter of Penzance in a historic Georgian House, this fun and friendly boutique retreat has 23 bedrooms and a cottage. Perfectly located for discovering West Cornwall this home from home has comfy beds, powerful rainfall showers and eclectic décor. The Cornish Barn smokehouse restaurant and bar produces a locally sourced meat-centric menu in a rustic-industrial setting that’s all reclaimed wood panelling and filament bulb lighting. There’s also a beer garden in the summer.

    Our favourite room is The Lookout suite (pictured above) which was new for 2017. A luxe retreat the best room in the house features exposed beams, antique furniture and freestanding copper bathtub. Consisting of a light and airy bedroom with super king size bed, separate living space with sofa and armchair, small dining area, rustic kitchenette, large statement bathroom and roof terrace with sea views we think this is the perfect minimoon hideaway.

    We love:

    • The secret garden terrace
    • The location in historic Penzance
    • The artistic décor


    • South West Coast Path
    • Chapel Street
    • Minack Theatre
    • Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

    Please note:

    • There is no parking at this hotel so you will have to find parking elsewhere in Penzance
    • Pets are not permitted
    • Check in is usually 3pm
    • Check out is usually 12pm
    • Some guests have complained of noise from the street and other rooms so if you are a light sleeper you should speak to the hotel about which are their quietest rooms

    Click here to compare prices for your stay at ARTIST RESIDENCE CORNWALL

    Black Friday deal: Art Residence are offering 20% off stays at three of their four UK hotels: Penzance (pictured) as well as London and Brighton. Book before midnight on 26 November for 1/5 off anytime during 2018. To book, visit

    Laura Ashley Hotel The Belsfield Bowness-on-Windermere, The Lake District

    image copyright Laura Ashley Hotel The Belsfield

    The Belsfield Hotel by Laura Ashley sits on the eastern shore of Lake Windermere in the picturesque village of Bowness. Set in 6 acres of landscaped gardens this boutique hotel offers unparalleled views over Lake Windermere. The Hotel has 62 gorgeous designer bedrooms, including 25 Lake View rooms and 12 Garden View rooms, with 2 Four Poster rooms and Suites.

    When you visit the Lake District, you come to see the majesty of the lakes and hills and the view from the exquisite AA Rosette awarded Belsfield Restaurant offers spectacular views over Lake Windermere. For a more relaxed dining experience The Brasserie serves a relaxed menu of classic British dishes and don’t forget to sample some exclusive drinks from the local area and around the world at The Lounge Bar.

    We love:

    • Four Poster Rooms
    • The fantastic dining
    • The stunning views


    • Bowness
    • Lake Windermere
    • The World of Beatrix Potter
    • Windermere Golf Club

    Please note:

    • Check in usually 3pm
    • Check out usually 11am
    • With the exception of guide dogs the hotel does not allow pets

    Click here to compare prices for your stay at Laura Ashley Hotel The Belsfield


    The George In Rye Rye, East Sussex

    image copyright The George In Rye

    The George has been on it’s current site on Rye’s High Street since 1719 and this former coaching inn is now a truly beautiful boutique hotel. It’s décor makes for love-at-first-sight stuff and we just love its quirky feel and the cobbled street setting.

    Each room is unique but our personal favourite is the Junior Suite, Room 1 (pictured above), slightly secluded from the others it has its own front door off the courtyard garden. Perfect for minimooners it has everything you need for a romantic getaway: a huge bed, floor-length mirror, double roll-top bath and a walk in shower with a shower head for each of you!

    If you can tear yourself away from your gorgeous room there’s the tasty grill restaurant to sample and the hotel’s own bar The George Tap which is a popular watering hole for locals and visitors alike. Slightly further afield is the magnificent Camber Sands with it’s 5 miles of golden sand.

    We love:

    • The romantic feel
    • The range of beautiful rooms to suit all budgets
    • The local antique shops


    • The Rye Retreat spa
    • Strand Quay
    • Camber Sands
    • High Weald Landscape Trail

    Please note:

    • There is no parking at this hotel so you will have to find parking elsewhere in Rye
    • Check in is usually 3pm
    • Check out is usually 11am
    • Pets are not permitted

    Click here to compare prices for your stay at THE GEORGE IN RYE

    None of these taking your fancy? Then click the below banners to explore thousands more self-catering and hotel options.





  • A relaxed and informal London pub wedding

    Harriet & Stuart

    The first ever HONEYMOONFOREVER wedding is finally here for you to all enjoy. Harriet & Stuart’s special day was full of fun, laughter, friends, family and lots and lots of love. This wedding proves that just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazingly joyful day.

    The Proposal

    We got engaged over a pair of pints sitting together in the sunshine outside The Red Lion pub in Malvern whilst our one year old slept in the pram.

    The Vision

    We envisioned a simple, low-key and relaxed day with the focus being on friends and family having a really fun time celebrating with us.

    The Ceremony

    Our ceremony was at Islington Town Hall in the Council Chamber where we had 100 guests. We wanted a registry office rather than a church but were also keen for a place with a personality and sense of history. The Council Chamber at Islington Town Hall was large enough to accommodate all our guests and has lovely architectural features including a vaulted ceiling and beautiful stained-glass windows. I walked down the aisle to the Harry Potter theme music, which did seem to suit the historical atmosphere of the room. For our readings we chose: “This for you” by Neil Gaiman, “To Love is Not to Possess” by James Kavanaugh, and a passage from “The Amber Spyglass” by Phillip Pullman.

    The Wedding Party

    We wanted a very low-key affair so asked our bridesmaids to choose an outfit they already had that they felt really comfortable in from a monochrome palette. Our accent colour was red. The groomsmen wore navy suits they already owned and we gave them gifts of red silk ties, pocket squares and socks to bring the look together. Everyone looked gorgeous!

    We wanted a family affair and our son, two at the time, and lots of other kids came along. He wore smart navy shorts with a white polo shirt and a navy cardigan and looked super cute with his blond curls. He was very excited on the day and came to sit on our knee during the ceremony as he was a bit overwhelmed by all the people in the Council Chamber!

    The Dress and The Suit

    Stuart had his navy suit tailor-made and accessorised with red silk tie, pocket square and red socks. I found a cute knee length white satin Bardot neckline prom dress which I put a red underskirt underneath to give it a little more shape and a pop of colour.

    Hair & Make Up

    I bought all my make-up from Bobbi Brown after a wedding makeover tutorial in Selfridges where I was recommended the products needed. I had a good friend who is a makeup whizz come to the tutorial and help me to do my hair and make-up on the day.

    The Venue

    I found The Enterprise by googling “cheap, London wedding pub”! The search turned up a great blog describing how The Enterprise in Holborn was a perfect traditional pub who’s staff were super flexible, helpful, accommodating and perfect for those with a small budget (we had a small budget) looking for a London wedding reception venue. After visiting a variety of places together with Sarah, we finally settled on The Enterprise as it had the warm, friendly, traditional and relaxed atmosphere that we were looking for in our venue and it was the most budget friendly.

    Our reception was so fun. The Enterprise is a traditional London pub with a long original Victorian bar and a small and pretty garden space at the back. Agnes the manager was super helpful and accommodating. Sarah took excellent charge of organising and liaising with the venue regarding food, timings, PA system, music, decorations and more. Since the pub was pretty cosy there wasn’t really space for a band or DJ so we created a smashing playlist over the months preceding the wedding and it went down a storm until the wee hours!

    (guest photo)

    The Accommodation 

    Conveniently the Premier Inn, London Holborn was located right next door to The Enterprise so our guests who had travelled for the wedding were able to roll right into a reasonably priced bed straight from the party.

    The Food

    We used the pubs own catering, Spanish tapas, which was really nice and very reasonably priced per guest. We had 100 people there and everybody was well fed. The pub would have let us bring our own caterers if we had wanted.

    The Drinks

    We were able to bring in loads of our own Cava (bought on a supermarket special deal) for welcome drinks and toasting and paid only £5/bottle corkage, which saved us a lot compared to buying champagne at London pub prices. We also put £1000 behind the bar so guests could have their choice of drinks until the tab ran out which was not until well into the evening – everyone was very merry!

    The Décor

    We worked together with Sarah to create a colour scheme for the decorations and the wedding overall that would complement the colours and quirky décor already in the pub. We decided on yellows and reds as they felt summery and fun for our June wedding and harmonized not only with the pubs bright yellow garden walls but added a little bit of Spanish flavour which echoed our tapas food spread. Being a traditional London pub the interior is a bit on the dark side so we wanted décor that would brighten up the space too. Sarah went to a lot of trouble to hand make much of the decorations for the pub including hundreds of paper pompoms and a beautiful ribbon backdrop for the walls – the place looked stunning!

    We continued the colour theme with our flowers and were very lucky to have a friend of ours who’s a budding florist help us out. Nina produced all the flower arrangements for the pub as well as bouquets for me and the bridesmaids and boutonnières for the groomsmen. She chose from our palette of yellows and reds with fresh spring flowers and roses used prominently. She did a marvellous job. She worked closely with Sarah in determining what we needed for the space and made two beautiful large arrangements for the pub as well as jam jars with little posies on all the tables and decorated a branch to make a beautiful header for Sarah’s ribbon backdrop. She also provided the finishing touch to the cake (which I made myself), decorating it with delicate flowers. The flowers really finished everything off perfectly.

    The Photography

    Jason Pierce-Williams stepped in at the last minute as our first photographer had to attend a family emergency. I was really worried when our photographer had to cancel a week or so before the wedding but Sarah helped us manage the crisis and arranged Jason as replacement very quickly. Sarah also helped enormously with understanding and signing the contract agreements with suppliers, as this was really not my area of expertise. I’m glad she was there to go through the T&Cs and highlight important aspects of what we were agreeing to. We also didn't have much money to spend on photography so Sarah helped us find photographers that were within our budget.

    The Stationary

    Sarah designed our invitations to fit with our request that they be elegant, simple and unfussy, with the maximum information in the minimum words! They looked lovely and since we were on a budget Sarah designed them in such a way that we could print them ourselves on some nice card bought for the purpose. Sarah also designed our wedding program, reserved seating place cards, buffet food labels and all the rest of our wedding signage to match our invites, which gave the day a lovely cohesive feel in terms of design – it was really nice to look around and see those little touches which made the day feel like it was truly ours.


    Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 13.45.08

    Honeymoon Forever

    Sarah provided help at every stage from planning, choosing venues, suppliers, design... She helped enormously with a timeline “to do list” starting months before the wedding and going all the way up to the day of the wedding. On this to do list she captured everything from registering the marriage, when to book the honeymoon, when to buy the rings right up to booking the taxi to the registry office. She did a huge amount of research in the planning stage sending many options for venues, photographers etc. She also did all the difficult and detailed communications with the venue manager and photographers. She arranged transport from the ceremony to the reception for our guests (and us) in the form of a classic London red routemaster bus – which everyone loved! She also created a wonderful Pinterest board that we would add to and discuss together. She coordinated a time-line for the day to provide everyone in the wedding with foolproof instructions of where to be and when which really helped to keep everyone on track. She designed our save the dates and invitations and also hand-made and put up all the decorations for the venue, she even created bespoke confetti for us – this took hours and hours of her time. Importantly she was always there as a sounding board for ideas and discussions and really helped to bring our undefined ideas about our day into a clear picture of our wedding and most helpfully a step by step plan of action of how to achieve the wedding we wanted with as little stress as possible!

    The Honeymoon

    Two days after the wedding we dropped our son off to stay with his grandparents and headed off to beautiful Italy. We spent two nights in Rome and then four nights in stunning Sorrento. It was so romantic and we had a wonderful time. Our highlights included all the wonderful Italian food and of course all the gelaterias! Yum! We adored our hotel in Sorrento; The Grand Hotel Royal - Italian faded glamour at its best – complete with bathing platform below the cliffs. Sarah helped us put together our honeymoon registry site so our wedding guests could gift towards our trip if they wished to.

    (couples own photo)

    Harriet's Top Wedding Tip: Be organized, plan everything very well in advance then relax and don’t go wedding mental!

  • Welcome!

    Hello and welcome to Honeymoon Forever by Sarah Du Cassé. We curate bespoke weddings and honeymoons. Each project we work on is 100% unique to our clients. We love the unusual, the rare, the exceptional – and we aim to deliver the inimitable. We are based in London but operate worldwide. We are totally independent and for us it’s about making your dreams come true.

    After getting engaged in January 2016 I became obsessed (in a healthy way!) with all things wedding and honeymoon! No detail was too small and no decision unimportant. One thing I realised was that so much of the wedding industry treats all couples and all weddings as if they are the same. There was a sort of one-size-fits-all approach which I found really disappointing. What if you don't want a standard package that hundreds of other people have had before you? What if you want a wedding that reflects all the uniqueness of who you are as a couple? Well of course that is possible but it's a lot of hard work!

    I want to take that hard work away from couples and help them have the unique wedding of their dreams without the stress. Maybe your dream is a remote elopement but you don't have a clue where to start with the legalities and logistics of getting married abroad... Maybe you fell in love with a location with no facilities for a wedding on site and don't know how you could have your wedding there? Maybe you know exactly what you want but don't have time to pull it all together? Maybe you are struggling to have the wedding you want for the money you have available. Or maybe you just want a wedding that's completely and utterly 'you' but don't know how to make that happen. Well we can help. My background in film production means I've spent almost 10 years solving high-stakes problems and finding real solutions fast - thinking outside the box and realising a creative vision are my expertise. Translating those skills into the world of weddings and honeymoons has been an amazing adventure so far and I can't wait to hear from you and help you realise your dream wedding.

    Speaking of honeymoons - we do those too! We thoroughly believe that your honeymoon is the most important holiday of your life. It's your reward to yourselves for pulling off that awesome wedding and trust me you will relish a well-deserved break after all that wedmin! So whether you dream of a once in a lifetime adventure, never before seen luxury or simply ultimate relaxation come chat to us and we can plan your perfect honeymoon.

    We'll be using this blog to share top tips and tricks for wedding planning as well as our insider insights on the worlds best honeymoon destinations. We'll also be sharing real weddings to help you get inspired. So please subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest.

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    Here's me and the hubby being totally goofy.

    XOXO Sarah